It’s Easy to Pick the Most Popular Movies of All Time, but what About the Worst?

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Bar Sport Film Website gives you a list of ten movies that we wish  had never been created:

1 Dragonball Evolution

Our champion. Take the work most popular manga among 0 – 100,000 years, a practice that made us dream long tiny and which continues today and ruin here severely with a stew like this. Goku is empty and American; the others are Japanese because he had put in, and Piccolo is ugly. Maybe Dragonball movie is a real failure, but games inspired by the franchise are very popular. There are many games that we can recommend, but most interesting are the slot games in which you can win real money! You can try them for free with the no deposit bonus that you can get from this website.

2. Hard Pedal

One can call the soft pedal of good french movie film because without too much to rave about, having a good time. HARD pedal on the other hand, which is the sequel to the first film, is not a good French film. It’s instead a movie zero.

3 People Jet Set 2

Nothing with Elie Semoun to casting we’d rather not to see this movie. It was released on May 19. So shame on those who were born on May 19. Or in May.

4. The Son of the Mask

The Mask of 1994 was a great movie with a hilarious Jim Carrey. After such a success, people said they cracheraient on this work by performing the son of the Mask. No Jim Carrey, unknown actors transparent, a Loki gross, for a total failure at the box office and many awards like “Worst movie of the year” or “worst male lead.

5 San Antonio

Gérard Lanvin is called San Antonio. The President has disappeared. San Antonio stick sandwiches to the unbelievers. In the end, he must surely win. There is nothing we have not seen the film, and nobody cares.

6. The American

Lame stereotypes about Americans, not funny jokes, Lorant Deutsch, which is not from Paris but the States, what serve people vomit.

7 Vercingetorix: the legend of the Druid King

A breathless pace, engaging dialogues, scenes of intense war, a charismatic Vercingetorix. See more quickly. 1000/20.

8. The Dalton

Eric and Ramzy t retards worked only once, and it’s not in this movie. Anyway, it looks just put Elie Semoun the cast for the film is dying alone.

9. Visitors in America

Like it or not the first two films, they are part of the national pantheon of French cinema. Seeing this success, the Americans also wanted to their version, Knights in America this would be too lovely, especially using the same valves. No, it doesn’t like that gentleman.

10. Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

A flat scenario, the non-introduced characters, of images of dubious syntheses, this is a great recipe for failing a movie.

Now you have a beautiful range of films for you to hurt.

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